Vintage Base Ball Overview

From the Capitol Conference Historian

Vintage base ball has been expanding dramatically in the mid-Atlantic region. More clubs are forming and entering competitive matches following the rules of the 1860s. This means no gloves, underhand pitching and other variations of the game that were the custom of the Civil War era. Living history interpretation is a vital part of the experience for our spectators. Explaining the rules, discussing the uniforms and equipment and offering a perspective of what it was like to be a member of a 19th Century club are all part of the interpretive mix. In this photograph, Richard D’Ambrisi, club historian for the MAVBBL Capitol Conference club, keeps score and answers questions from visitors attending a match at Jerusalem Mill Village in Harford County, Maryland. The yellow ribbon hanging from Richard’s waist was a unique and short lived custom of the era; it involved exchanging ribbons with the club name on it with the players of the opposing team who also had their own ribbons to offer. These modern day versions were meticulously researched and recreated to be exact period reproductions of surviving examples. Anyone interested in more vintage baseball information is welcome to contact Richard.

Richard silver ball2 silver ball yellow ribbon